Irina Butkovskaya creates paintings and installations that explore the feminine, bodily and monstrous aspects of everyday life. The artist interacts with the viewer through the registers of care, infantilism and vulnerability. She brings out the creatures hiding under the bed and offers them friendship. In this way, the artist turns the border between reality and dreams into a safe space in which the viewer outgrows past fundamental traumas.
She graduated from the School of Engaged Art "Сhto delat" in St. Petersburg, exhibited at the the II Triennial of Russian Contemporary art and is a resident of the Garage Museum workshops. Studies at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Germany, Leipzig).
Irina's artworks are in European and Russian private collections. Lives and works in Leipzig.

2020 — A Beautiful Night of All People, MCA Garage, Moscow
2020 — Leningradski feminism 1979, Wiesbaden
2019 — The Cave of Trust and Beauty, CK19, Novosibirsk
2017 — Field Studies: freeing the knowledge, MCA Garage, Moscow
2016 — Comrade objects, St Petersburg
2015 — The exhibition of Digital Art, Novosibirsk
2014 — Novosibirsk Biennial of Science-intensive art