Nika is moving between two worlds: familiar material world and thrilling spiritual one by giving a form to ephemeral moments, complicated feelings and to the unknown. Blurred boundaries between the two worlds are also emphasized by the style — there are no clear objects on Nikas paintings, everything flows from one to another. This is the way Nika keeps a fine line between figurative and abstract painting.

She divides her work in two phases: during the first Nika is using acrylics and synthetic dyes with big amount of water, the second phase comes when the painting is dry and Nika works on details.

She graduated from the Krasnopresnenskaya Art School and the European Institute of Design in Milan.
Collaborates with Bizar contemporary art marketplace.
Lives and works in Israel.

Solo and group exhibitions:
2023 Online winter exhibition, royal blue gallery, London
2023 Online group exhibition, Fresh Salad gallery, London
2023 Group exhibition Zug Zwang,, Dubai
2023 Emerging artist program from contemporary art collectors
2023 published in Art Maze Mag double edition 30-31
2022 Gallery Between Windows, Moscow
2021 Was published in online magazine BURO, Moscow
2020 Forbes women acharity auction, Forbes Women &, Moscow
2020 Context Art Gallery, Venezia
2019 «Naked — a love letter to myself», solo pop-up, Moscow